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Maternity Services

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Norwood Hospital's Small Miracles Maternity Unit offers patients a personalized, family-centered birth experience and expert care. Comfortable, private accommodations, and a full range of services ensure that every birthing experience is special and unique.

Norwood Hospital's maternity staff is highly-skilled in all aspects of comprehensive maternal care – labor, delivery, and postpartum. Our obstetricians are board-certified with advanced training in specialty areas. Our nursing staff is specially trained to educate and care for new mothers and newborns. Certified lactation counselors and lactation consultants are also available to help with breastfeeding needs and questions.

Newborn Care
Norwood Hospital offers world class pediatric care.

Babies in the Small Miracles Maternity Unit are cared for by our attending MassGeneral for Children pediatricians and community pediatricians. Together, they work closely with obstetricians from Norwood Hospital to provide newborn care for mother and baby 24 hours a day, including:

  • Attending high-risk births and cesarean sections
  • Being on hand to manage any emergency that might arise
  • Evaluating newborns to ensure they are healthy and ready to go home

Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Norwood Hospital’s maternal-fetal medicine specialists provide advanced care for high-risk pregnancies, including weekly consults with patients at Norwood Hospital. These visits provide a significant convenience to patients who require maternal-fetal medicine diagnostics and Level II ultrasounds.

Norwood Hospital is also prepared to handle non-routine pregnancies and unexpected complications, including multiple births, premature labor, or rupture of membranes.

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