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We invite you to learn more about Norwood Hospital's outstanding nursing services and our nursing staff dedicated to exceptional care. 

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Unit Overviews 

Nursing Education    


Our staff development department has a leadership role in orientation, continuing education and professional development of our nurses. We are committed to professional development. We provide on-going contact hour programs, development of critical thinking skills and work to bring evidence-based practice to the bedside. We are also committed to providing individualized patient education.


Our online educational tool, NetLearning provides nursing staff with 24/7 access to mandatory and continuing education opportunities.

Tuition Reimbursement

Norwood Hospital provides full- and part-time employees with a generous tuition reimbursement benefit for continued opportunities of professional growth.

Schwartz Center Rounds at Norwood Hospital

Unique, multidisciplinary sessions in which hospital staff explore the emotional side of caregiving.

A national program with sites across the country, Schwartz Center Rounds are funded by the Kenneth B. Schwartz Center, a Boston-based nonprofit dedicated to advancing compassionate health care.

In a typical Rounds session, a panel of caregivers presents a patient case that brought up interesting and important psychosocial issues. Topics have included: delivering bad news; when religious or spiritual beliefs conflict with medical advice; taking care of a colleague; and losing a patient. Hospital staff  then share their own thoughts and feelings related to the day’s topic.

Unlike grand rounds, these sessions are not about clinical problem-solving, but rather about exploring and processing the emotions that come up in the daily work of hospital staff. A comprehensive study of Schwartz Center Rounds has shown them to help caregivers connect better with patients emotionally, enhance their understanding of the effects of illness on patients and their families, improve communication among caregivers, and decrease feelings of caregiver isolation and stress.  

Unit Overviews 

Adult Medical Unit 21

Unit 21 is a 24-bed adult medical unit.


Adult Medical/Surgical, Unit 23

Unit 23 is a 24-bed adult medical surgery unit. It is also Norwood Hospital's Bariatric Surgery Unit.

Adult and Pediatric Medical Unit 31

Unit 31 is a medical-surgical adult unit with a pediatric sub-unit.

Adult Medical Unit 32

Unit 32 is a 28-bed adult medical unit providing care for patients from age 16 through end of life.

Medical/Surgical/Telemetry Unit 33

Unit 33 is a 30-bed adult and geriatric medical/surgical/ telemetry unit. The professional nursing focus on this unit is the care of the adult and geriatric patient with cardiovascular disease.

Adult Psychiatry Unit 28

Unit 28 is a 12-bed inpatient psychiatric unit.

Geriatric Psychiatry Unit 35

Primarily a geriatric psychiatry unit, patients on Unit 35 are monitored for psychiatric and medical problems.

Adult Psychiatry, Unit 36

Unit 36 is a 21-bed acute care adult psychiatric unit.

Cardiology Department

Patients are referred to cardiology from within the hospital and by other physicians and facilities. We are proud to offer state-of-the art cardiology services, with two cardiac cath labs that opened in January 2011. We have performed emergency angioplasties since 1999. We also offer elective angioplasties through the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s MASS COMM trial on non-emergency coronary artery angioplasty in hospitals that do not perform open-heart surgery. In addition, we perform diagnostic catheterizations, peripheral angioplasties, and implantation of pacemakers and defibrillators.

Emergency Department

The Norwood Hospital emergency department (ED) is a busy 28-bed unit that provides compassionate emergency care to patients of diverse age groups. Approximately 50,000 patients are treated in the bustling ED each year.

We are proud to be affiliated with Children’s Hospital Boston whose pediatricians are on site in the ED and the hospital 24/7.

The ED serves the local area of Norwood and other surrounding towns and is part of Massachusetts State Emergency Medical Service Region IV. Our ED uses a collaborative team approach to deliver care. Physicians, nurses, nursing assistants and administrative professionals are assigned to specific areas of the ED. Each area contains a subset of patients who are triaged to an area, according to their presenting symptoms and acuity.


The Endoscopy unit consists of registered nurses (RNs) and endoscopy technicians highly skilled in the delivery of specialized care to patients suffering from disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

Intensive Care Unit

Norwood Hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) is an 11-bed critical care unit located one floor above the emergency department and just steps away from the operating rooms.

Surgical Services

Norwood Hospital’s surgical services department (OR) is staffed by specially trained RNs and scrub technicians. There are seven scheduled operating rooms in the hospital’s main OR area.

Small Miracles Maternity, Units 24, 25, 26

Our Small Miracles Maternity Unit focuses on family-centered maternity care, with a main focus on parents and baby during their hospital stay. We have six labor and delivery rooms and 18 private post-partum rooms. Our experienced staff is cross-trained and proficient in labor and delivery, nursery care and post-partum care. Small Miracle’s management model is that of nurse manager and obstetrics clinical specialist.

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