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When You Leave the Hospital

Discharge Planning begins upon admission to Norwood Hospital. A physician will determine when you are well enough to go home and coordinate your discharge with you and your health care team. Most discharges happen by 12 pm.

Please arrange for your transportation home when your discharge is scheduled, and ensure that you will have the care and support you may need.

Discharge Instructions

On the day of your discharge, a nurse will review home care instructions, diet, activity level, therapy plans and medications you may need to manage your medical condition.

Before you leave the hospital:

  • Make sure you understand how you should expect to feel and what your activity level should be
  • Carefully review all prescriptions you are given and get explanations about how often you should take these medications and if there are side effects
  • Review your discharge plan for follow-up appointments and find out if they have been made for you or if you are expected to make them
  • Make sure you understand any plans for home health services or medical equipment delivery, especially the date and time to expect the first visit or delivery
  • Confirm that you are given a telephone number to call for questions or concerns about any part of your discharge plan or if you have any unusual symptoms
  • Ask questions if anything is unclear about your discharge plan

Personal Belongings

Please gather all your personal belongings and double check closets and drawers before you leave. If you have anything stored in the hospital safe, let your nurse know so that the items may be retrieved.

Home Health Care

If you need follow-up care at home, your doctor or case manager may refer you to Steward® Home Care, a program affiliated with Norwood Hospital. Steward Home Care offers comprehensive, compassionate home health care and can make arrangements for needed medical supplies and equipment. (For more information about Steward Home Care, please call 781-551-5600.)

Your case manager can also provide information on other home care services within your community, if needed.

Staying Well after Your Discharge

  • There are key things you can do to stay well after discharge:
  • Follow any special diet recommendations from your doctor
  • Maintain the activity and exercise level recommended by your doctor
  • If ordered by your doctor, monitor your weight daily on the same scale, and contact your physician if you increase three pounds in two days or five pounds in a week
  • Contact your physician if your condition gets worse
  • Make and keep follow-up appointments with your primary care physician or specialist as planned

Patient Satisfaction Survey

About two weeks after discharge, some of our patients are randomly selected to receive a survey about their care at Norwood Hospital. If you receive a survey, please complete and return it. Your feedback is important to us and we appreciate your time.


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