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Apart from a hospital chaplain’s daily pastoral visitation, there are a number of situations and circumstances to which a hospital chaplain will be called such as:

Pertaining to patients and/or family members:

  • Distress experienced by patients and/or family members
  • A recent diagnosis creating anxiety, depression or anger
  • The decision-making process for a particular treatment or treatment change
  • Issues dealing with end-of-life concerns

Pertaining to staff:

  • Stressful work environment issues
  • Personal issues possibly affecting oneself in the work environment
  • Code disaster situations

Chaplains are professionally trained people who are able to respond to the spiritual needs of others relating to issues of forgiveness and reconciliation, meaning of life, trust, faith, hope, love, as well as being proactive when the need for religious ritual is requested.

Whatever may be a person’s spiritual need, the chaplain sustains the person’s integrity and supports that person in drawing from his/her own resources of spiritual strengths in order to cope with the ensuing circumstances.

Often times, chaplains are called upon to minister to staff around difficult patient issues as well as varied personal matters.

Norwood Hospital's Spiritual Care Team

Other Services: 

  • Health care proxy help and education
  • Biannual memorial services for families
  • Bereavement group referrals

Health Care Proxy (Agent)

The Health Care Proxy is a simple legal document that allows you to name someone you know and trust to make health care decisions for you if, for any reason and at any time, you become unable to make or communicate those decisions. Please call our spiritual care team if you need assistance completing the form at 781-278-6046 or 781-278-6045.


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