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We invite you to journey on our labyrinth located on the second floor patio of the Lorusso Building, near Unit 21.

A labyrinth is vehicle for the development of our spiritual journey with God. It is a single path of concentric circles that leads to a central point. As we walk the labyrinth in prayer, we journey with God. Each step moves us closer to the Divine.


by John Birch 

In my journeying with you may I never lose my sense of direction -- Never lose sight of the landmark towards which I travel -- and should cloud or rain obscure my vision -- May I draw closer to you so that my feet may tread in your footsteps -- Your words be my encouragement -- and Your love my protection against the storms that assail me.

Your light is the only light I need as I travel through life’s mystery -- Your word the only voice I hear -- that still small voice that leads me to the place where I should be -- Your presence is the only company I need as I walk this narrow road -- Your fellowship the warmth I crave to help me on my way.

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